Affinity Tool Works, LLC is a provider of Professional Tools that are designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and to help produce consistent results from project to project.

Tormek brand water-cooled sharpening systems. Recognized as the industry leader, Tormek continues to develop and manufacture the finest system for sharpening all types of edge tools.

BORA Professional Tools: BORA Clamp Edge™, Straight Edge Guide for Circular Saws, Jig Saws, Routers and more.  Securely Clamp and Cut angles up to 22.5°.

Dtec Diamond Blades: Superior™ New! Next Generation Technology that will cut Steel, Re-Enforced Concrete, Concrete, Stone, Brick, Truly a multi-purpose blade designed to cut nearly all construction material available from 4" to 14".

Footprint Tools, Sheffield UK: Old School Quality Hand Tools, Including Chisels, Hand Planes, Mallets, Squares, Bevels, Hand Saws, Drills, Braces and other unique tools for all Types of Woodworking. Brick bolsters, line pins and hammers for masonry trade.

Lynx, Pax Brand Traditional Woodworking Handsaws, hand-crafted to original specifications dating back to 1776! Made from the finest alloy steel, taper ground and breasted with heavy folded brass backs, these saws are precisely set and sharpened to ensure the best possible cut without the fear of binding. 

Fish Drill Bits:  Drill bits for drilling smooth, precise holes in soft woods, hard woods and laminates, with portable power drills and stationary boring machines. Made from forged and heat treated steel. Unique non-clogging design allows you to drill precise holes quickly without burning. Designed for professional trades: Carpenters, Electricians and Plumbers. Preferred by Craftsman, Clockmakers and Fine Furniture manufacturers. Made in Austria.

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