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Try Square with PreSet Miter Guides & Stability Ledge
Get Square And You’ll Fit In Perfectly Want square lines marked precisely at 90 degrees to a board’s edge? Then you want BORA’s Try Square. With the patented support ledge or fence, the square will remain flat to your work piece and help ensure accuracy. Ours are made of tough, molded polymers with all the common miter positions pre-set. The Square is useful for aligning two pieces at a perfect right angle during assembly. Plus the stainless ruler is etched with commonly used angles including 10, 15, 22.5, 30, 36, 45 and 50 degrees. In carpentry, cabinetry and any kind of woodwork, the speed-square, or Try Square is in constant use. Better get yours from BORA.
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Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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Brand Bora Tool
  • Support ledge keeps square flat on the work piece
  • Molded polymer handle
  • Pre-set miter positions: 22.5, 45, 67.5 and 90 degrees
  • Lifetime warranty
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