Tormek DE-250 Diamond Wheel Extra Fine

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Tormek Diamond Wheel Extra Fine with grit size of 1200


The Tormek Diamond Wheel Extra Fine with a grit size of 1200 leaves an extra fine finish and is especially suitable for carving tools and kitchen knives when the need for steel removal is minimal. You can sharpen all types of material, including steel, ceramic, and carbide. Fits Tormek T-8, Tormek T-7, and previous models with a 250mm (10 inch) stone diameter. Included with every diamond wheel is 150 ml of ACC-150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate. Always use the concentrate when sharpening with water to prevent rust on the grinding wheel. 

Size No
UPC Code 7392485006237
Bora Tool Category No
Brand Tormek

Diameter: 250mm (10 inch)

Grit Size: 1200

Weight: 9.5 lbs

Compatible with T-8, T-7, pervious models with the 250mm stone diameter

Includes 150 ml ACC-150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate

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