Is Your Horse Built for Speed? Bora Tool Reveals New PM-4500 Speedhorse Sawhorse—30x Faster Setup Than Conventional Sawhorse


Troy, MI—January 2, 2019—Bora Tool, a leading manufacturer of woodworking tools and workshop accessories, launches its PM-4500 SpeedhorseTM, a revolutionary contractor-grade sawhorse that deploys 30x faster than the conventional sawhorse.


The SpeedhorseTM is the fastest deploying sawhorse on the market. Simply release the legs, set up, and get to work—it’s that easy.


This is the ultimate upgrade for your job site, workspace, or workshop.


“We wanted to design a tool that would appeal to both professionals and enthusiasts,” says Rod Bonham, Product Manager for Bora Tool. “Contractors and carpenters will appreciate how easy it is to set up, take down, and transport because it means they can get to more jobs more quickly. And it’s perfect for enthusiasts and serious hobbyists because it stores easily and allows for flexibility in any size shop.”


Key features of the SpeedhorseTM include:


  • Quick-deploy and quick-collapse legs
    • Instant setup is 30x faster than conventional sawhorses. Both setup and teardown take mere seconds.
  • Best-in-class weight capacity
    • Each individual unit can support 1500 lbs.—200 lbs. more than the leading competitors.
  • Non-sequential leg folding
    • To tear down your worksite, just pull the levers on each end and fold the legs up—doesn’t matter which order. This saves valuable time and reduces frustration.
  • Longer, pre-drilled top
    • More length means more workspace and stability. The pre-drilled metal top allows you to screw in a 2x4 as a sacrificial top, saving your saws and sawhorse from damage.

For a complete list of retailers, visit www.boratool.com or call 866.588.0395.


About Bora Tool & Affinity Tool Works, LLC


Bora Tool is a manufacturer of woodworking tools and workshop accessories serving a variety of markets, including building and remodeling, DIY, industrial, and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and help produce consistent professional results, product brands include PortaMate, Centipede Tool, and HTC Products. Affinity Tool Works, LLC, is the parent company of Bora Tool and exclusive North American distributor for FISCH, Tormek, and Sjobergs. For more information, visit www.boratool.com or www.affinitytool.com.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Woodworkers

10 Best Woodworking Gifts Holidays 2018

The holiday season is upon us—a time full of emotions, events, and (though we may hate to admit it) stress. Even though December is a joyful time of year, everything that makes it joyful can sometimes seem like more of a hassle. On top of all your regular day-to-day responsibilities, you now have to juggle social gatherings, family, work deadlines, travel, and the kids' school holiday programs. How are you supposed to get any gift shopping done?


Maybe you've already found gifts for everyone on your list thanks to Black Friday sales. But even with all these deals at your fingertips, it's usually not that easy. There are always one or two people who are just a little harder to shop for than everyone else. You want to get them something personal and special, but in the end you just get them a gift card or a pair of socks because you can't find the right gift—and then you get that sinking feeling knowing you're not getting them something they'd really enjoy or use.


Let us take that stress away—at least, when it comes to shopping for the woodworkers in your life. Even if you don't know much about woodworking, it doesn't mean you can't give a stellar gift this holiday season. Here's our list of the top 10 holiday gifts for woodworkers of all skills.



543400 clamp edge saw guides

1. Bora Tool WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide line + 543400 set  


Why we love it:


The Bora Tool WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide line takes all the guesswork out of cutting straight lines with your circular saw. It's never been faster or easier. Get a taste for everything this line can offer with the 543400 set, which includes a 50" clamp, a 24" clamp, a 50" extension, and a saw plate clamp edge. 


Save $32 at The Home Depot, or find the WTX 543400 set at one of our other great retailers today.


2. Bora PortaMate PM-8000 Portacube STR Miter Station  Bora PortaMate PM-8000 Portacube


Why we love it:


This easy-to-use, portable miter station acts as extra workspace—so even the tiniest workspaces have minimum of 7 feet of working space with their miter saw, bench top planers, and other table top tools. Folds up for optimum space-saving storage.


Visit one of our retailers for awesome discounts on the PM-8000 Portacube.


3. Tormek T-4 8" Sharpening System 

Tormek T-4 Sharpening System


Why we love it:


Repeatability, cleanest edges, and fast sharpening speed: these are the three reasons the Tormek T-4 8" sharpening system is ideal for all woodworking professionals. Known for their cutting-edge wet grinding system that keeps your blade edge from overheating, Tormek will help keep your tools sharper longer.


Shop the Tormek T-4 at one of our retailers today.


4. Bora Portamate PM-3900 DIY Miter Saw Stand & Pedestal Roller  Bora PortaMate PM-3900 Miter Saw Stand


Why we love it:


DIYers, this is the perfect miter saw stand for you. Its quick-attach tool feature makes it super easy to mount and use miter saws or other machines. Adjustable height and portability make it extremely versatile for all users and environments—so even if you have a limited workspace, you can still do the job right.


Find awesome deals on the PM-3900B at one of our many retailers. 



5. Sjobergs Elite 2000 + Cabinet + Accessories  


Sjobergs Elite 2000 with Cabineet and Accessories

Why we love it:


The Elite 2000 + cabinet and accessories is the ultimate workbench solution. It's versatile and strong with plenty of storage and functionality—the ideal place for woodworkers to work and store everything they need.


Get great savings on this Sjobergs workbench set at one of our many retailers.



6. Fisch Wave Cutter 16-Piece Imperial Set in Wooden Box  Fisch Wave Cutter 16-Piece Set


Why we love it:


Fisch drill bits are the perfect gift for professional woodworkers. Their superior design and manufacture means they use 25% less power to drill, and they're proven to drill 3x the number of holes before needing to be resharpened. 


You can find this 16-piece set at one of our great retailers.



7. Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle


Why we love it:


Any Tormek Sharpening System is the gift that keeps on giving—especially this complete Tormek Sharpening System Hand Tool Bundle. Ideal for any professional with a lot of hand tools and a lot of work, it features six jigs to sharpen a wide range of hand tools, from knives and axes to scissors, carving tools, and more.


Visiit one of our retailers for excellent deals on this Tormek bundle.



8. Bora Tool 6-Level Lumber Storage Rack  Bora Tool 6-Level Lumber Storage Rack


Why we love it:


You can't put a price on an organized workspace. The 6-Level Lumber Storage Rack from Bora Tool is an affordable way to easily store and keep track of a variety of materials, including lumber, moldings, pipes, PVC, and more. Check out this blog post to create a super easy organization system using this rack.


Get your hands on this great lumber rack when you search our retailers. 



9. Bora Tool 96-Piece Drill Bit Set  Bora Tool 96-Piece Drill Bit Set


Why we love it:


Whether you're shopping for a woodworking hobbyist or professional, this 96-piece drill bit set is the ideal gift. It's packed full of essential woodworking drilling and driving bits so they're prepared for any project. No need to run out to the store every time a different drill bit is needed.


Snag this awesome drill bit set from one of our many retailers.



10. Sjobergs Nordic Plus Workbench 1450  Sjobergs Nordic Plus Workbench 1450


Why we love it:


The Sjobergs Nordic Plus Workbench 1450 delivers the best of quality and price when it comes to workbenches. Its sturdy Nordic birch construction is a true testament to the Sjobergs name; it is designed to last through, or even in spite of, years of hard use on a wide variety of projects.


Shop the Nordic Plus Workbench 1450 at one of our retailers today. 

Affinity Tool Works Rebrands Core Product Line as Bora Portamate & Expands with Acquisition of Centipede Tool, LLC

Bora Portamate Rebrand

Global tool manufacturer defines brands combining PortaMate into BORA Tool and increases product offerings with addition of Centipede Support System


TROY, Mich. Dec. 19, 2017- Affinity Tool Works, LLC, a, privately-owned global tool company based in Troy, Mich., announces it is streamlining and rebranding its established product lines as BORA PortaMate to reflect one, cohesive category brand.  The rebranding announcement coincides with the company’s acquisition of Williamsburg, N.M.-based Centipede Tool, LLC, manufacturer of the Centipede Support System.


Under the new branding, PortaMate products and Centipede Tool’s work stations will be combined, along with the BORA Tool line, into BORA PortaMate as the main overarching brand for the company. Affinity Tool Works will become a separate division as the exclusive U.S. distributor for HTC, Tormek, Sjobergs and FISCH. The newly-formed brand will also include the launch of a new logo and a new website, www.boratool.com.


“BORA Tool carries significant recognition for consumers and in the marketplace as a trusted, reliable brand and the rebranding direction better defines our company to our customers in a crowded and competitive tool line space,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager for Affinity Tool Works and BORA PortaMate. “With the addition of Centipede Tool’s portable work stations to our product mix, BORA PortaMate expands our distribution channel both domestically, internationally and further establishes our position in the marketplace as a leading provider of innovative tools and accessories.”


“We’re excited to have found a partner that shares our vision for the potential of our portable workbench technology to support any task, anywhere,” said Keith Fyhr, co-founder of Centipede Tool, LLC.  “With new models and accessories on the horizon, the Centipede Support System will continue to become an even more essential portable work support companion on every job site and in busy woodshops around the world.”


Affinity Tool Works was established in 2006 as a manufacturer and distributor of tools and workshop accessories that serve a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourselfers, industrial and woodworking. As the BORA PortaMate lines and popularity among both professional craftsman and hobbyists alike has grown over the years, so has its overall brand identity.


For more information, visit www.boratool.com, www.affinitytool.com or call 866-588-0395.


About BORA PortaMate & Affinity Tool Works, LLC:

BORA PortaMate is a provider of professional tools serving a variety of markets including building and remodeling, do-it-yourself, industrial and woodworking. Designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent professional results, product brands include BORA Tool, PortaMate, Centipede Tool, HTC Products. The Affinity Tool Works division is the exclusive North American distributor for FISCH, Tormek and Sjobergs. For more information, visit www.boratool.com or www.affinitytool.com.  


# # #

Media Contact: Monica Cheick, PublicCity PR mcheick@publiccitypr.net or 586-612-8220

Portamate Unveils PM-8000 Portacube STR, the Latest Portable Miter Saw Workstation

Portamation Portable Miter Saw

TROY, Mich., January 2017 – Leading workshop and power tool accessory manufacturer Portamate is proud to introduce the Portacube STR (PM-8000), a convenient and portable workstation that combines a miter saw stand, expandable work surface and storage center designed to make the most of even the most crowded work spaces. The unique tabletop rotates to store a miter saw or other tabletop tool underneath and the entire workstation can be rolled away for easy storage. Click the photo below to see it in action.


Product Details:

    • Universal/adjustable tool mounts adjust for most miter saws (up to 26 ½” wide) and other bench top tools such as a small planer

    • Rotating tabletop offers convenient storage for miter saw when not in use

    • Folding extension wings expands to create up to 7’ work surface

    • Compact footprint (31”x29”) fits through 32” wide doorways

    • Heavy duty 10” wheels for easy portability around shop floor

    • Support arms can be adjusted to meet top of miter saw surface

    • Leveling feet adjust to work on uneven surfaces.

    • Convenient workbench height of 35”

    • Retails for $349

“The design team at Portamate really had the end-user in mind when they developed the Portacube STR and took into consideration both function and practicality,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Portamate’s parent company, Affinity Tool Works. “The capabilities make it an ideal complement for your miter saw or other tabletop tool and its compact design makes storage and use in any workshop more efficient.” For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit www.portamate.com or call 866-588-0395.

Bora Tool Introduces the Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator

angle duplicator for precise angles

Cut it right the first time with exceptional miter angle duplicator tool.

TROY, Mich., September 2016 – Leading tool manufacturer BORA Tools introduces the MiteriX angle measuring and duplicator tool to create precisely measured angles. Carpenters and DIYers know one of the harder parts of the job is getting exact angles. With the Bora MiteriX Duplicator Tool, it becomes the easiest part of the job. This tool does exactly what is intended for – it precisely measures angles, and then locks the angle – even splits in half – to transfer that exact angle to a miter saw. This means miter cuts will match precisely without that unsightly gap that is all too common when measuring freehand.

Click To Watch The MiteriX In Action

Product Details:

    • PERFECT ANGLE – The Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator tool is specifically designed to ensure that miter cuts are at the perfect angle.

    • MEASURE, LOCK, THEN TRANSFER – Use the tool to measure the exact miter angle needed right on the material, then lock it, and transfer that exact angle to the miter saw. Divides the angle in half for a perfect miter.

    • WORKS WITH ANY ANGLE – Measures internal or external angles from 0 - 180 degrees (miter angle from 0-90 degrees).

    • EASY STORAGE – Collapsible and foldable for easy storage in a tool box. Product measures 11” x 1.5” x 1.5”

“The great feature of the BORA MiteriX is you can measure an existing angle on a piece of furniture or the inside or outside corner of a wall, and then transfer that exact angle to your miter saw,” said Todd Gluski, Brand Manager of BORA’s parent company Affinity Tool Works . “For example, if you’re cutting crown molding, cornice molding, wood casing, base board, or trim for a wall, and the angle you need isn’t a perfect, preset angle, this tool will save you hours of frustration and will ensure you cut it right the first time.

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