Tormek® Introduces Diamond Sharpening Wheels for Their Revolutionary T-8 Sharpening System

Diamond sharpening technology

Professional tool sharpening leader delights woodworkers and other tool enthusiasts by offering Diamond sharpening technology.


TROY, Mich. June 26, 2018 – Tormek®, long a leader in professional tool sharpening, is again at the forefront of the industry by introducing three new diamond sharpening wheels for their renowned T-8 sharpening system.


Designed specifically for the T-8, these new diamond sharpening wheels take advantage of the world’s hardest substance, and offer woodworkers and other tool users all of the benefits of diamond sharpening technology, with none of the drawbacks.


“While a diamond is indeed the world’s hardest substance, it wasn’t widely used in sharpening due to the simple physics of heat” stated Keith Fyhr, Product Manager of Tormek’s exclusive U.S. distributor, Affinity Tool Works. “In plain terms, a diamond can be damaged once temperatures exceed 700 degrees Celsius, which is common on bench grinders running at 1700 rpm’s and higher. But the Tormek T-8 is a low speed sharpening system, running at a cool 90 rpm. So Tormek felt a diamond wheel made exceptional sense, and went ahead and developed one.”


“We’re excited, because our customers have really been waiting for this.” he added.

Fyhr went on to speak of the advantages of a diamond sharpening wheel, which are numerous. For example, at the Tormek’s 90rpm speed, the Diamond wheel will last twice as long as a CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheel. The wheel also remains at a constant diameter, which reduces setup time and the need to true your grinding wheel. Fyhr was also excited about the increased sharpening capability. “Because the diamond material extends down the sides, it allows for flat grind sharpening. Further, creating a new edge profile is much easier. Tormek users will really like what they can do with these new diamond wheels.”  


The new 10” diamond sharpening wheels will be offered in three grits - 360, 600, and 1200 - which will allow them to handle any sharpening job. They are being released at the same time as the MB-100 Multi Base Jig for the T-8, which will allow for flat grind sharpening when used in conjunction with the diamond wheels. Tormek CEO Håkan Persson commented on the product’s release, “We are proud to now offer our users the opportunity to sharpen with diamond, the world’s hardest material. Tormek’s low speed sharpening makes it ideal to use diamond for edge tool sharpening since no heat occurs. We believe that the diamond wheels together with the new MB-100 Multi Base will make sharpening even easier for many of our dedicated Tormek users.”


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