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• Extra wide 3-3/8-Inch aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum body • Integrated dual "T" tracks allow the head of a standard 1/4-Inch-20 bolt to slide into the "T" track to attach shop accessories • Integrated clamping mechanism with a large, soft grip clamp surface • Large, oversized clamping handle hangs easily when not in use • Lifetime warranty
The Clamp Edge Wide Track Holds Tools Securely For Perfect Cuts Straight edge clamping tools are indispensible in the wood shop. Just ask anyone who works with a circular saw, router, jig saw or joiner. But the Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track is designed to do even more. The Clamp Edge Wide Track features dual, integrated T tracks that allow the head of a standard one-quarter inch-by-20 bolt (1/4 x 20) to slide into the track and attach jigs, accessories and other tools for a variety of applications. By the way, the Clamp Edge Wide Track straight edge does double duty as an auxiliary fence and is handy when you’re doing glue-ups, or when you simply need a long, true straight edge for marking any surface. The handle is molded with a hanging notch for convenient storage while it’s not in us
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Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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Brand Bora Tool
  • Tool guide has sure-grip integrated clamps
  • Locks in place easily with large, ergonomic handle
  • Unique, clamp head design allows for slight angle cuts
  • High-grade aluminum is lightweight and durable
  • Lifetime warranty is your assurance of superior quality
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