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Fisch: Precision Drilling Every Time

A difficult drill can be one of the most stressful parts of a project, but many experienced workers have found one brand to be a reliable partner in the progress of their most trying projects. The Fisch brand has been synonymous with superior quality woodworking tools for 70 years. The wonderful reputation which their products enjoy worldwide is built on three important foundations: high-quality raw materials, excellent manufacturing standards, and consistent development. The best material is only as good as the employees in the company, and at Fisch, they are really proud of the high manufacturing standards that they maintain. Choosing the right material is an important prerequisite in the production of quality tools. The standardisation of steels and high-quality steel processing in Europe provide Fisch with the best raw materials to process and manufacture their tools. In order to guarantee the highest level of precision, the most modern CNC and robot-operated machines are used for milling operations.

Quality is one of the most frequently used buzzwords in recent years. Hardly any companies have been unaffected by quality assurance and quality management. There is no doubt that a company’s success is linked to quality awareness. The basis for the production of Fisch’s high-quality products is their employees’ abilities and the willingness to use them with all their energy. These requirements form the foundations which allow quality products and services to be delivered. It is the way to continuous, effective, economic, customer and employee-friendly and environmentally friendly improvement of internal processes.

The drill is the most commonly used power tool and comes in very handy in all most any job.  Drills have been around since man first invented tools, unfortunately for those guys, the drill was powered by your hands.  The drill bit does the actual cutting, so having a sharp and proper bit is very important. Better yet, the technology between a cheap drill and a state of the art drill is nearly as opposite as those early hand-crank drills and today’s power tools. Investing in the proper tools is worth every penny, and Fisch makes the best tools in all of drilling affordable. Affinity is proud to feature Fisch in their selections, and trusts that all of the time that goes into the construction of these drills will be just as pleasing to the eye as it will be your workshop.

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