Sjobergs: A Workbench Makes the Shop

A workbench is the cornerstone of a workshop, and each and every piece of equipment you place on one needs to be secure and safe to ensure a successful project or build. Sjobergs has spent nearly 100 years building a better workbench, and Affinity is proud to sell their revolutionary benches. As it’s going to be used year after year by girls and boys that are hungry for woodworking, Sjobergs workbenches are known for being flawlessly reliable. All the workbenches featured by Sjobergs’ manufacturing team and designers are woodworking at its best.

Sjoberg's workbenches are produced at a workshop  in Stockaryd, and that localization of manufacturing these celebrated workbenches have led to a reputation for quality among both teachers and pupils. Sjobergs has more than 90 years of experience in producing workbenches and other equipment, with each edition building on years of innovation to create something better. It’s about quality in the choice of material, construction, finish and long-term functioning. The wide range you find in the Sjobergs collection is the best the market can provide. Their designers have thought about the users in every detail, often in consultation with skilled woodworking teachers.

Sjobergs believes that the secret of a sturdy and reliable workbench is to have full control over each phase of its production. The thought behind a bench from Sjobergs is that you as the user, can decide what functions it should have and also its appearance. The top of the Stockaryd bench is produced in beech with traditional, sturdy, and secure guiding of the shoulder vice. By carefully controlling the chain of production, from purchasing of the raw material to delivery of the finished product, a good deal of traditional craftsmanship is put into each Sjobergs workbench. No project is complete without a reliable place to work, and no shop is complete with a workbench. Those in the market could not make a stronger choice than Sjobergs, proudly featured by Affinity.

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