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FISCH Multi-Spur Biit cuts quickly with minimal friction and heat build-up,


FISCH Forstner Bits Manufactured from Forged, Heat Treated M2 Steel for improved performance and Long life Designed to cut quickly with minimal friction and heat build-up, two cutters two scoring spurs to limit contact with the wood, The sharpened rim allows the bit to hold perfectly and the sides are slightly relieved so only the leading edge touches the outside of the hole. designed for drilling smooth and precise flat bottom holes in soft and hard woods and laminates.. Can be re-sharpened up to 25 times. For use in both portable drills and drill presses, its unique non-clogging design allows you to drill precise holes quickly without burning, while helping to increase the overall life of the bit. Drills smooth and precise holes in soft woods.

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Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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  • Clean, precise pocket holes and skip free clean cutting edge
  • CNC-Diamond ground and centrally ground center point
  • Drop Forged from tool steel, for superior sharp edge retention
  • High performance design with center point, 2 cutters, 2 spurs and reduced cylindrical shank
  • Drill up to 300 holes before re-sharpening is required. Verified by independent test results
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