Restore Pre-Clean Rust Removal Pre-Cleaner and Degreaser (Bora STN-RPC250 - 250ml). Preps and Cleans Your Metal Surfaces for Easier Rust Removal.

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• Quickly and easily removes oil, grease, grime and other surface contamination from metal surfaces. • Includes a powerful corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rusting. • Gets metal ready for rust removal. • Can be used warm – up to 50 degrees Celsius / 122 degrees Fahrenheit. • May be used with ultrasonic cleaners warm or cold. • Non-toxic and biodegradable. • Concentrated – the 250ML bottle makes up to 5 liters of degreasing power.


Regardless of what rust removal product you use (our own Restore Rust Remover or a competitors’), surface prep is always a necessary step. That’s exactly what BORA Restore Pre-Clean is: a powerful water-based, degreasing concentrate which prepares metal parts for de-rusting. BORA Restore Pre-Clean will wash away oil, grease, and grime from all metal surfaces, ensuring that nothing interferes with the rust removal process. It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable, and is harmless to plastics, rubbers and copper based alloys, so you can use it with confidence (note: it is not for use with aluminum surfaces). Included in our formula is a powerful corrosion inhibitor, which prevents flash rusting to prevent flash rusting. It’s also highly concentrated, with this 250ml bottle capable of making 5 liters of metal cleaning solution. In addition, the solution may be heated for accelerated cleaning action.

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