Restore Rust Remover Gel Bora STN-RRG250 250ml. Combines the Power of Restore Non-Acidic Rust Remover in a Convenient-to-Use Gel

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• The power of Restore Rust Remover in a gel form, perfect for “non-bath” applications. • Non-acidic means it won’t harm plastics, rubbers, or non-ferrous metals. • Easy to apply, and because it’s a gel, can be used on large machines and vertical applications. • Environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable. • Removes rust, and leaves your components and machines looking new.

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Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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Brand Bora Tool
  • Restores steel and iron tools and components
  • Non-acidic, formulation - only removes the rust, is harmless to plastics, rubbers and non ferrous metals
  • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion
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