Drill Bits

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Drill Bits to Dig Into Any Project

There are an insurmountable number of ways to put a hole in something. Choosing the right way not only means that you get the right hole in the right place, but that you get it with the least amount of trouble and without damaging the material, your tools, or yourself. Just about anything can be drilled, but what you're drilling is the biggest question when picking a bit.

Soft materials can be drilled safely with most any bit, but hard or brittle materials like glass or acrylic might require specially designed bits. Affinity carries a wide variety of drill bits that help make you prepared for any project that could make its way to your shop. Whether you’re cutting through wood, metal, or glass, the right drill bit makes all the difference.

Drill Bits - Solo or Kits Ready to Get to Work

If you’re in the market for a brand new set of drill bits, consider a few available on Affinity. The FISCH Wave Cutter is a high performance, next generation Forstner Bit this set has been proven to drill 3 times the number of holes before needing to be re-sharpened! Its unique non-clogging design allows you to drill precise holes quickly without burning, while helping to increase the overall life of the bit. Drills smooth and precise holes in soft woods, hard woods and laminates with 25-Percent less power required.

Designed for the professional trade and can be used in portable power drills and stationary boring machines. If you’re interested in working with laminate or glass, the optimized spurs of the double flute brad point wood twist drills insure fast and easy cutting of every fiber before the hole is drilled. No matter if it’s a simple point of entry or a delicate material in need of absolute precision, these drill bits are shop-ready and available for every project imaginable.

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