Tormek Sharpener Cover (MH-380) Machine Cover / Grinder Cover for T-7, T-3, and T-4 Sharpening Systems

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• PROTECTS YOUR TORMEK SHARPENER / GRINDER – Shields your TORMEK machine from wood dust and debris. • EXTENDS MACHINE LIFE – Over the years, dust becomes a serious enemy. This cover will keep your machine clean. • HIGH QUALITY – 100% cotton, this cover will last years. • PERFECT FIT - Fits your T-7, T-4, or T-3 with or without the Profiled Honing Wheel attached. • LOOKS GREAT – You need a cover. It might as well look sharp. This does.


You love your Tormek T-7, T-4, or T-3. We don’t blame you one bit. Now, to help you get the most out of your investment, protect it with this stylish 100% cotton cover specifically made for Tormek Sharpeners. It fits, and fits well, keeping dust and chips off your unit and out of the water trough. Dust is often overlooked, but can build up in your shop, and then settle into the leather-honing and profiling wheels of your machine. This reduces the performance of your otherwise fantastic grinding machine. You didn’t buy your Tormek grinder to do anything less than stellar work, and this cover will ensure it stays clean and ready to sharpen at all time. Plus, it looks great, and will last for years.

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