Honing Compound (PA70) For Use With Tormek Sharpener Honing Wheel (T-8, T-7, T-4, and T-3)

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• PREMIUM QUALITY - This is our finest quality Honing compound • EXCEPTIONAL ABRASION - Abrasive averages 3 microns (6000 - 8000 Grit) for superior honing, polishing, and buffing • RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS - Creates razor sharp edges for knives and tools • LONG LASTING – One application will last for 5-10 tools. 1.4 oz tube will last for dozens of uses. • VERSATILE - Use on a Tormek Sharpening System leather Strop Wheels, or even stand-alone Strop straps.


This is a great honing fluid, whether you own a Tormek sharpening system or not (and seriously, if you don’t, and like sharp tools, look into getting one.) This honing compound is used straight on the T-3, T-4, or T-7 leather wheel strop (or the profiled leather honing wheels) to remove burrs and polish tool edges to razor sharpness. Used after the grinding stone, this 3-micron honing compound (approximately 8000 grit) will buff and polish the edges of Tools, Knives, Wood Chisels, Plane Irons, Spoke Shaves, Carving Tools, Lathe Turning Tools, and Scissors. One application should last for 5–10 tools. You can also use this on a stand-alone leather strop if you wish (but again, if you are interested in sharp tools for your workshop, the Tormek water-cooled sharpening systems really can’t be beat.)

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