Blackstone Silicone Grindstone (Tormek SB-250). Fits Tormek Sharpening Systems T-7, T-8 and SuperGrind 2000.

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• IDEAL FOR EXOTIC STEEL SHARPENING - Shapes and Sharpens HSS and Exotic Alloyed Steels, including touching up Tungsten Carbide. • EFFICIENT - Works Extremely Efficiently at Low RPM • LONG LASTING – This Silicone Blackstone Grindstone offers exceptional wear resistance • VERSATILE – Ideal for shaping large bevel surface tools, such as woodturning skews and planer blades • HIGH QUALITY – Comes with a two year warrantee

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Brand Tormek
Specifications SB-250: 250 mm Diameter Grit Size: 220 - 1000 Available for Tormek T-7 and Super Grind 2000 Weight: 9.6 lbs
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