Blackstone Silicone Grindstone (Tormek SB-250). Fits Tormek Sharpening Systems T-7, T-8 and SuperGrind 2000.

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• IDEAL FOR EXOTIC STEEL SHARPENING - Shapes and Sharpens HSS and Exotic Alloyed Steels, including touching up Tungsten Carbide. • EFFICIENT - Works Extremely Efficiently at Low RPM • LONG LASTING – This Silicone Blackstone Grindstone offers exceptional wear resistance • VERSATILE – Ideal for shaping large bevel surface tools, such as woodturning skews and planer blades • HIGH QUALITY – Comes with a two year warrantee


Many owners of the T-7 and Supergrind 2000 want to shape and sharpen exotic alloyed tools, which is exactly what this Tormek Blackstone Silicon grinding wheel was developed for. For high speed steel, large bevel surfaces (where grinding pressure is limited), and even touching up Tungsten Carbide, you can do no better than the combination of abrasive hardness, shape and grain size we’ve developed for this sharpening wheel. The small, sharp grains remove hard steel efficiently, even (as stated previously) at low grinding pressure. The 220-grit size will be familiar to anyone who’s used the original grindstone that came with their tool, but this can be altered to work like a 1,000-grit stone (using Tormek Stone Grader SP-650). It’s built to last, with the Blackstone Silicone offering exceptional durability. Please note: this is for your exotics and specialized sharpening. It does not offer faster steel removal on ordinary carbon steel. For that, you can utilize your original wheel. But for the specialized sharpening, this the one you want.

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Brand Tormek
Specifications SB-250: 250 mm Diameter Grit Size: 220 - 1000 Available for Tormek T-7 and Super Grind 2000 Weight: 9.6 lbs
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