Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig

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• Sharpen Bowl & Fingernail Gouges up to 1-3/8", 36mm • Replicate Complex gouge profiles • Sharpen Removable Cutting Inserts • Shape and Sharpen Ellsworth Grinds • Shorter lower sleeve that facilitates working with the T-8, T-4, T-3, and T-7 Tormek Machines • Includes a locking disc which greatly simplifies the fixing of gouges of all sizes

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Brand Tormek

Sharpens the following Turning Tools:

• Bowl gouges

• Spindle gouges

• Turning cutters

Sharpens the following Carving Tools:

• Curved gouges

• Spoon-shaped gouges

• Back bent gouges

• Down bent gouges

• Curved V-tools


MAX TOOL WIDTH IS 36 mm (1-3/8")

Recommeded Grinding direction is away from the edge. 


SVD-186 Contents






The jig comprises a tool holder (1) which runs in a sleeve (2). The tool is aligned with a disc
(4) and tightened with a knob screw (5). There is a washer (6) for wide gouges. The stop ring
(7) can be set for a convex bevel with a screw (8).

The tool holder can be set in any position from 0 to 6 with the 5 mm Allen key (9). The setting
can be noted on a special profile label (10), which is attached to the ferrule. A special pen,
which works on these labels is included (11). For turning cutters there is a shaft (12) with a
mounting screw (13) and a 2,5 mm Allen key (14).

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