Planer Blade Sharpener Tormek SVH-320

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• PRECISION SHARPENING – Set it to the depth you need, and it sharpens exactly how you expect, blade after blade. • LONG BLADES = NO PROBLEM – Almost any size blade is fine in terms of length. Minimum width is one inch. Planer / jointer sharpening is made simple. • ADJUSTABLE EDGE ANGLE AND DEPTH – Includes a hex key for exact setting of the edge you desire, up to 1/10 of a millimeter. • EASY TO USE – Clear, detailed instructions and a simple adjustment system makes this jig simple to use. • FITS ALL TORMEK SHARPENING SYSTEMS – If you have a Tormek system and a planer/joiner (or any longer blades) this is an ideal attachment.


Longer blades (like planer / jointer blades) present a unique challenge in sharpening, especially doing it freehand. In plain terms it’s increasingly difficult to achieve a consistent depth and angle as the blade you are working on gets longer. And, of course, shipping them out to get sharpened is expensive and inconvenient. We at Tormek developed this planer / jointer blade sharpener to meet this exact need – to sharpen those longer blades with perfect precision. Use it with our Tormek sharpening systems to get the results you want. Included with this well-made jig are a support, a blade holder, and a hex key for precise adjustments up to 1/10 of a millimeter. This allows you to adjust the edge angle and grinding depth to extremely-tool-friendly angles, giving you a sharp edge while also prolonging blade life. It fits your Tormek water cooled sharpening system, and is a must if you have a planer/jointer and longer blades.

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