Small Knife Blade Sharpener (Tormek SVM-00)

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• SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR SHARPENING SMALL KNIVES – Use with our Tormek SVM-45 to sharpen those smaller knife blades without marring the handle. There’s almost no limit to how small the blade can be. • CONSISTENT RESULTS – Much easier and far more precise than sharpening freehand. • SHARPEN DIFFERENT SHAPED KNIVES – Sharpening whittling knives, detail knives, chip carving knives is no problem at all. • SIMPLE TO USE – Attaches right to the Tormek SVM-45 knife jig. • WORKS WITH ALL TORMEK SHARPENING SYSTEMS – If you have a Tormek system, an SVM-45 jig, and smaller knives, this attachment will make your life a lot easier.


Sharpening small knife blades was an issue many of our customers wanted us to address. Yes, we have the SVM-45 knife jog for our Tormek Sharpening Systems, but tiny knives still posed a problem. To meet that need, we developed this small knife sharpening jig. It’s used in conjuncture with the SVM-45, and makes it so you can sharpen those smaller knives without damaging or marring the handle. So that small antique pocketknife Grandpa gave you can be sharpened with confidence (along with any other small blade.) The best part is the versatility in regards to knife blade size. In truth, there really is no limit to how small the blade can be, so even precision knives - like whittling knives, chip carving knives, and knives used in detail work - can be sharpened to a precision edge, with that consistent “exactness” that Tormek is known for. Again, if you’ve ever said “I wish Tormek would make something for sharpening smaller bladed knives”, well, here’s your answer.

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