Tormek BGK250 Bench Grinder Starter Kit

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Allows you to use your slow speed bench grinder for shaping with the Tormek sharpening system Allows you to use Tormek jigs with your bench grinder Includes height adjustable block and hardware for easy mounting to your bench The principle for setting the shape and edge angle is the same regardless of which machine you use Set includes Tormek part numbers BGM-100 bench grinder mount, SVD-185 gouge jig and TTS-100 turning tool angle setter


Sharpen your tools quickly and precisely with the help of the BGK-250 bench grinder mounting set from Tormek. This set enables you to use Tormek sharpening jigs with your slow speed bench grinder. BGK-250 includes the Tormek SVD-185 gouge jig for precise shaping and sharpening of turning gouges and also includes the TTS-100 turning tool angle setter. The TTS-100 ensures sharpening angles are not only set correctly, but also ensures they are highly repeatable for precise re-sharpening. You can mount it to either side of your grinder, and rubber feet add stability and reduce vibration. The mounting set is designed for grinders with wheel diameters between 6 inches and 10 inches, and your wooden platform must be at least 3/4-inch thick.

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