Tormek T-8 TBP805 Ultimate Plus System

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• This Ultimate Plus System is great for sharpening, wood turner’s and novice woodworkers alike with all the jigs, accessories and attachments it comes with. • Can be used for long and short time use • Made in Sweden


Our largest Tormek kit available! This package includes the T-8 Sharpening System, the Hand Tool, Woodturner’s Kit, Planer Blade Attachment, 180° Rotational Base and Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment. The T-8 is rated for continuous industrial use and has a vast array of specialty jigs available so you can quickly and easily sharpen virtually any tool in your house, backyard shed or workshop. The heart of the T-8 is the Tormek SG-250 10" x 2" grinding wheel turning at a slow 90 rpm through water which acts as a lubricant for faster grinding while it continuously cools the tool edge to prevent "bluing" the metal. After grinding, the 8-5/8" x 1-7/32" genuine leather honing wheel gently removes the burr and hones the edge to razor sharpness. The T-8 System includes the Square Edge Jig, Truing and Dressing Tool, Stone Grader, Angle Master, Honing Compound, mineral oil, Handbook and Instructional DVD and comes with a seven-year warranty. Receive an additional 3 years warranty when you register your machine within 6 months after purchase – that’s an amazing 10 years of total warranty coverage The Hand Tool Kit includes the Knife Jig, Small Knife Holder, Long Knife Jig, Scissors Jig, Axe Sharpening Jig and Short Tool Jig. The Woodturner’s Kit includes the Gouge Jig, Multi Jig, Turning Tool Setter, Tool Rest, Profiled Leather Honing Wheel, Machine Cover and Woodturner’s Instruction Box. The Planer Blade Attachment allows you to achieve a razor sharp edge on blades longer than 10-1/2.” Also included is Tormek’s patented Drill Bit Attachment which allows you to sharpen your drill bits with the highest precision. The optimal point and clearance angles can be set according to each drilling requirement, which depends upon the drill size and material. Completely restore worn drills as well as broken drills to a perfect shape. Finally, the rotating base which enables you to easily rotate the machine 180 degrees and lock it with complete stability. It makes it easy to alternate between sharpening and honing or sharpening towards or away from the edge. Stainless steel shaft and hardware

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