Tormek Sharpening System Ultimate Bundle (TBU804 T-8).

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• THE “ULTIMATE” DREAM SHARPENING SYSTEM – Our largest sharpening kit, this features our finest water cooled sharpening system (the T-8), along with 14 jigs and accessories that woodworkers will find indispensable, including the planer blade attachment. It’s the top value in tool sharpening. • INCLUDES THE WOODTURNERS SHARPENING KIT (TNT-708)– This includes everything you need for turning tool sharpening, including Gouge and Multi Jigs, Turning Tool Setter, and a Profiled Leather Honing Wheel. • INCLUDES THE HAND TOOL SHARPENING KIT (HTK-706) – This includes 6 jigs for sharpening hand tools like knives, scissors, axes, carving tools, and more. • PLANER BLADE ATTACHMENT INCLUDED AS WELL (SVH-320) – What sets this kit apart from others is the inclusion of our excellent planer / jointer blade attachment, making it the most complete kit on the market today. • OUR BEST SHARPENER – The T-8 system is our top-rated sharpener. Water cooled, and built for precision sharpening and long tool life, this system will keep your tools and accessories razor sharp and always ready to work. Has both a grinding and honing wheel. • LOTS OF EXTRAS, INCLUDING A SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY – Comes with an angle master, honing compound, diamond truing tool, and more. It’s a sharpening shop in a box!

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