Tormek TOR-TNT708 Woodturners Kit

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• Sharpen all you wood turning tools • Everything you need in one handy kit • Includes Durable foam Storage tray


Sharpen all your turning tools with this Tormek TNT-708 Woodturner's Accessory Kit. You get Gouge Jig SVD-186 for fingernail shaped bowl gouges and spindle gouges, a Tool Rest SVD-110 for scrapers, hollowing tools, and thin parting tools, a Turning Tool Setter TTS-100 with built-in edge geometries, a Profiled Leather Honing Wheel LA-120 for honing and polishing the flute on gouges, a Machine Cover MH-380, and a Multi-Jig SVS-50 for skew chisels with a straight or curved edges. You also get an instructional book and DVD-2 devoted exclusively to sharpening turning tools. Compatible with Tormek T-7 and T-3 Models.

Whats in the Box: 

  • SVD-186 Gouge Jig
  • SVS-50 Multi Jig
  • SVD-110 Tools Rest
  • TTS-100 Turning tool Setter
  • LA-120 Profile Leather Wheels
  • TNT-300 Instruction Kit
  • MH-380 Machine cover
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