Tormek Sharpener Truing Tool (Tormek TT-50). Grindstone Wheel Truing Device for Tormek (T-7, T-4, T-3, etc)

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• KEEPS YOUR GRINDSTONE TRUE – Perfectly round and flat is where it’s at! That’s exactly what this tool does. • MOUNTS AND LOCKS EASILY – Attaches right to the universal support for ease of use. • CONTROLLED DIAMOND CUTTER FEED – Utilize the thumb knobs to achieve a perfect feed. The slower the feed, the finer the surface. • TRUES WITH NO RIDGES – Achieves an even, flat stone surface. • WORKS WITH ALL TORMEK SHARPENING SYSTEMS AND THE GRIZZLY MACHINE – Use it with your T-7, T-4, T-3, and SuperGrind systems. It also works with the Grizzly sharpener as well.

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