Turning Tool Sharpening Setter (Tormek TTS-100)

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• GUARANTEES THE PERFECT SHARPENING ANGLE AND SHAPE – Instantly replicate the edge shapes of your turning gouges and skews. Flat or oval shapes are simple to replicate, as well as fingernail gouges and skews. • REPEATABLE SHARPENING – Set your jigs to the perfect angle for how you want your wood turning tools sharpened, and the process is repeatable over and over. Get the same precise edge even if the stone is worn down. • BUILT-IN EDGE GEOMETRIES – Popular pre-determined edge geometries mean it’s easy to get professional, world-class results. • EVEN WORKS ON LEATHER HONING WHEELS – Use it to set the perfect edge angle on leather honing wheels. • WORKS WITH ALL TORMEK SHARPENING SYSTEMS, AND OTHERS AS WELL (GRIZZLY, JET, ETC.) – Use it with your T-7, T-4, T-3, and SuperGrind systems and the SVD-185 and SVS-50 jigs. It also works with the Grizzly sharpener and the Jet sharpener as well.


One of the toughest things for serious woodworkers is keeping their specialized precision cutting and wood turning tools, like fingernail gouges and skews, sharp to the perfect angle. Tormek makes this difficult process much easier with this Turning Tool Angle Setter. In fact, this handy tool makes the process simple, and dare we say, fun. The curved edges of your wood turning tools will come out sharper than ever, at the perfect angle. The built-in geometries make setting the perfect shape a snap, so when you sharpen, you’re really sharpening, and not shaping. This not only makes for a better edge, but it prolongs tool life as well. The turning tool setter works with our Tormek sharpening systems and the SVD-185 and SVS-50 jigs, but customers report it also works on Grizzly and Jet systems as well. If you have wood turning tools you’d like to keep sharp, this turning tool setter is a must-have accessory.

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