Angle Setter for Sharpening System (Tormek WM-200 Angle Master). Sets the Perfect Angle for Sharpening Blades. Works on Tormek Sharpening Systems, Grizzly, Jet, and More.

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• GUARANTEES THE PERFECT SHARPENING ANGLE – This intuitive little tool is indispensable in achieving the perfect blade angle for sharpening. • WIDE RANGE OF STONE SIZES – Perfect for any stone diameter from 150mm to 250mm. • SET IT TO THE ANGLE YOU NEED – Has the ability to measure the existing edge angle, then set the sharpening edge angle between 10 and 75 degrees. Worn stone is no issue either, as it sets the angle to the stone itself. • EASY STORAGE – Features two magnets to keep it in place, and for easy storage. • WORKS WITH ALL TORMEK SHARPENING SYSTEMS, AND OTHERS AS WELL (GRIZZLY, JET, ETC.) – Use it with your T-7, T-4, T-3, and SuperGrind systems. It also works with the Grizzly sharpener and the Jet sharpener as well.


For precise sharpening, setting the proper angle is crucial. Tormek makes it easy with this ingenious angle setter. We designed it for the Tormek sharpening systems, but the woodworking community out there let us know it works with other sharpening systems as well (Grizzly, Jet, etc.) It sets the angle in relation to your stone, so even if the stone is worn, the proper angle will be set. You can even use it to measure the existing angle of your blade, so there are no mistakes. In terms of numbers, you can use this on any stone diameter from 250 mm (approx. 10 inches) down to 150 mm (approx. 6 inches). The angles achievable measure from 10-to-75 degrees, so almost any conceivable blade angle can be cut. The tool also features magnets to keep it in place during use, and for easy storage.

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